Marée humaine contre l’austérité en Espagne

Véritable marée humaine contre l’austérité ce soir dans les rues de Madrid :

Et dans les autres villes comme ici la manifestation dans la soirée du 14 novembre à Barcelone :

2 réponses à “Marée humaine contre l’austérité en Espagne

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  2. 12/12/2012 – UNIVERSAL ANGER DAY
    Various peaceful protest demonstrations are going to be held in major cities of all the countries around the world and this in rejection of the outcome of all the situations on this planet as they have deteriorated to the point where it has become unacceptable for man to tolerate them and keep quiet towards them .
    The venues: the centres of those cities ( for Tunis, it will be in Mohamed V Street)
    Time: from 10.00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.
    • Struggle won’t cost us more than silence has
    • No .. to Capitalism … No …
    No … No … against humanity …
    No … No … against Earth …
    • The people want to topple the existing regime …
    • The people want a better existence …
    • The people want a more equal existence
    Pictures , icons and drawings:
    Pictures of the earth, the Peace Flag with the colors of the rainbow , the picture of Che Guevara; pictures of the Wikileaks Website, Pictures of Julian Assange, the Anonymous mask, the Palestinian headdress, pictures condemning the deteriorating situations ( wars, unemployment, extreme inequality among people, the extreme wealth of the rich of this era, the spread of crime and drugs, the increase in the number of natural disasters, the failure of the United Nations and politicians to solve the world’s problems … )
    Remark :
    This date – 12/12/2012 – where these figures appear in this manner – will happen again only in about one thousand years’ time, i.e. when we reach this date: 1/1/3001.
    So, let us all work to make this date an exceptional and a historical day, where we will unite the efforts of the whole human race in order to reject the existing situations and announce the birth of a universal struggle movement which is systematic and harmonized, seeking to liberate history from being enslaved by capitalism and to ensure a better life for all people.
    The Universal Progressives
    Group Spokeswoman Soumaya Ben Hassana
    (The Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Sfax The Republic of Tunisia)
    Please, transmit this message to all who you know: persons, associations, organizations, parties…
    Thank you.


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